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Janata Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's

Phulsing Naik Mahavidyalaya(Arts, Commerce & Science),Pusad

Dist. Yavatmal (M.S) 445216.


Departmental activities

(A)The department conducts various co-curricular activities throughout the Sessions.

Session 2013-14:

  • Expert Lecture on “Laplace Transform” by Dr. V.R.Chirde ,GSG College,Umarkhed.
  • Industrial Tour of B.Sc students to Vasant Sahakari Sugar factory,Pophali, Pusad.
  • Invited Talk on “Astronomy and Mathemtics” by Prof.N.D.Khaire,P.N.College,Pusad,
  • Expert Lecture on “Mechanics” by Prof. V.P.Kadam,GSG,College,Umarkhed.

Session 2014-15:

  • Expert Lecture on“Mathematical Analysis” ” by Dr. D.D. Pawar ,SRTM Univ., Nanded
  • Poster Presentation on”Contribution of Mathematicians”for B.Sc students.
  • Workshop on “Gender Equality” by Dr. Seema L Bargat of G.D.College of Edu.,Pusad.
  • Guest Lecture on “Human Right” by Adv. Asawari Rokade,Pusad.
  • Expert Lecture on “Water Harvesting” by Dr. R.T. Pachkor, of BNCOE,Pusad.

Session 2015-16:

  • Guest Lecture on “Concepts in Algebra” by Dr. J.N.Salunkhe SRTM University Nanded.
  • Expert Lecture on “e-Governance and m-governance” by Mr. Tabrez.
  • Poster& Model Presentation on “Role of Mathematics in Everyday Science”.
  • Expert lecture on “Cyber security and Huygiene “under activity Digital India Week 2016.

Session 2016-17:

  • Expert Lecture on ’ Calculus’ for B.Sc. I students by Dr. V. B. Raut of ,MM College,Darwha.
  • Industrial Tour of B.Sc and M.Sc students to Handmade Paper Industry, MIDC Pusad.
  • Participation of Student in” Mathematical Rangoli Competition” and “Mathematics Quiz”
  • Workshop on “Curriculum Development” for Post graduate students.
  • Expert Lecture on “Introduction to MATLAB” by Dr. N.P.Jawarkar, BNCOE, Pusad.
  • Workshop on “Cashless Transaction and Cyber Security “for undergraduate students.

Session 2017-18:

  • Guest Lecture on ‘Reduction formulae’ for B.Sc. I students by Dr. Y.S.Solanke ,M.M.College Darwha.
  • One day Workshop on “MATLAB Applications”, By Dr. Abhay N Gaikwad, BNCOE,Pusad.
  • Participation of Students in University Level Seminar competition on Advanced Calculus,at Mahatma fule Arts,Commerce and S.C. Science Mahavidyalaya, Warud.


P.N.College, Pusad

Yavatmal, Pin 445216 (Maharashtra) India

07233-246614, 246015

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