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Janata Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's

Phulsing Naik Mahavidyalaya(Arts, Commerce & Science),Pusad

Dist. Yavatmal (M.S) 445216.


Best practices

  1. Students placed in merit in the last examination are felicitated at the hands of eminent personality, preferably alumni of the department, who then inspires the students by his address. The students are also awarded with motivational books.
  2. Expert lectures of eminent personalities in the field are organized in the department to motivate students.
  3. Science exhibition of working models and posters is organized every year.
  4. Sky watch program is being organized every year for the students, staff members and parents. In this craters on moon, Jupiter and its moons, belts on Jupiter, Orion nebula M-42, double stars, Nakshtras, star clusters, transits, occultation, eclipses etc. are shown through locally assembled 125 mm/ 1 Mtr. Reflecting telescope. Also information regarding stars, planets, pole star, constellations’, earth’s rotation, black holes, gravity waves, etc. is given and queries related to the ill effects of heavenly bodies are answered by the faculty to eradicate related superstitions.
  5. Department takes lead in celebrating National Science Day, in the memory of great physicist & Nobel laureate, Sir C. V. Raman every year, by organizing various programs such as students seminars, expert lectures, essay/quiz competition, etc.
  6. Industrial/ educational tour of the students is regularly organized at reputed institutes.
  7. Workshops are organized in the department to develop skill in the students.
  8. Videos related to academic, recent scientific developments and motivational downloaded from web sites are shown.
  9. Special coaching is provided to slow learners.
  10. Advanced learners are providedwith facilities and are encouraged to appear for various entrance and competitive examinations, to participate in various competitions such as seminar, exhibition, etc.
  11. Faculty takes interest to motivate the farmers, labors for learning the art of living so as to divert their minds from suicidal thoughts and to become wise human beings.
  12. Cash prizes are given by the staff members to meritorious students.


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